Trumpet and Piano

Ten Pieces for Trumpet (Cornet or Flugelhorn) and Piano by Garry Wilkinson from publishers Forton Music and TCL Press Ltd.

Trinity College London Grade Examinations

Three pieces from Constellations Set II are set for TCL Grade Music Examinations. These pieces, all with piano accompaniment, are suitable for Trumpet, Cornet and Flugelhorn examinations. Together with the unaccompanied series of pieces, Astronotes, there are ten examination brass pieces for Trinity College London examinations by Garry Wilkinson.

Read the post about Wilkinson’s ten examination pieces for Brass (Includes performances of Astronotes).

Constellations Set II

Shared across publishers, seven of the pieces for Brass and Piano from Set II of the Constellations series come in a single album from Forton Music.

Trumpet and Piano
Seven Pieces for Brass and Piano
Listen To All Ten Pieces from Constellations Set II for Brass
  1. The Unicorn (Monoceros) set for Trinity College Grade 1
  2. Draco – The Dragon
  3. Carina – The Sailing Ship
  4. Southern Cross (Crux)
  5. Cassiopeia – Queen of the Stars set for Trinity College Grade 4
  6. Orion – The Hunter
  7. The Hunting Dogs (Canes Venatici)
  8. Cetus – The Sea Monster
  9. Taurus – The Bull set for Trinity College Grade 7
  10. The Chameleon
Where to Purchase

Visit the Publications Page for direct links to the original publishers’ websites, or perhaps, browse before you buy? If you have not already done so, click on the YouTube links above, which include scrolling scores. Alternatively, if like me, you prefer to hold a book in your hands, why not visit your local music store. Popular stores that stock Wilkinson’s albums are listed in the Sheet Music Post.


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