Introducing Mister Maguffin!

Announcing the launch of the first book in the Mister Maguffin anthology series of repertoire albums for early learners of the piano! This series features Mister Maguffin, a large and friendly bear and the friends he meets on his fantastic musical adventures!

The Piano Escapades of Mister Maguffin is available on Amazon as a paperback as well as an ebook, and is suitable for performers aged 6 to 12. Not intended as an instruction manual but as an album of adaptive performance pieces that can be played, sung or recited, the format is specifically designed to make the learning experience fun and entertaining.

For even younger players, the prequel in this series to Piano Escapades is the enchanting album, But There Is Always Ice Cream‘.  Meet new musical friends as they play, sing and enjoy poems. They also get into quite a mess eating ice cream on the beach, riding a bicycle (built for two bears!) and eating rocky road on a  . . . . rocky road! There are more wonderful, colourful illustrations by artist, Amori and, as in The Piano Escapades, the album closes with a Piano Duet. (This one is a Mango Cornetto Duetto!) There is a free audio recording of the duet accompaniment available through the contact page (see below or the tab above).

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FREE audio demos and duet accompaniment available by visiting the CONTACT page.