Constellations for Violin and Piano

Constellations Set I
             Graded Eleven-Piece Album for Violin and Piano

Constellations for Violin and Piano – A new and welcome addition to the repertoire for younger players.  This is an album of eleven graded pieces for Violin and Piano (Initial to Grade 8) published in a single volume as a Trinity Performance Edition.

Five of the eleven pieces from this album are selected for the Trinity College London Grade Violin Examinations (2020 – 2023)

The complete album, Constellations for Violin and Piano Set I is available globally from music sellers.

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There are four sets of music albums in the ‘Constellations’ series while the set for Violin and Piano is the first. Inspiration for the music is taken from the night sky and each piece depicts something of the character of the constellation or the ancient myths behind the figures represented in the stars. The individual pieces in the album carefully progress in technical and musical demands starting at Initial Grade through intermediate levels and then on to Grade 8.

Some of the Violin pieces chosen for Trinity College examinations are:

Initial Grade – Aquila – The Eagle

Grade 2 – Leo – The Lion

Grade 4 – Indus – The American Indian

Grade 7 – Apus – The Bird of Paradise

Grade 7 – Perseus – The Hero

Other sets in this series include:

SET II – Brass (Trumpet/Cornet/Flugelhorn/Euphonium) and Piano

SET III – Descant Recorder and Piano

SET IV – Flute and Piano

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