Trinity College London Brass syllabus includes 10 pieces by Garry Wilkinson

Trinity Trumpet Grade Examinations
Grade 7 – Trumpet, Cornet & Flugelhorn

Trinity College London Brass Examinations.

10 pieces for Brass from Constellations Set II for Brass and Piano with ‘Astronotes’ for Solo Brass. These are now in the Trinity College London Brass Examinations Syllabus. The albums include the very popular, Taurus, The Bull at Grade 7. All pieces are available for the Trumpet, the Flugelhorn and the Cornet. Each piece in the Constellations series has a piano accompaniment. These exciting pieces are ideal not just as examination choices, but also as concert and recital repertoire. They are easily accessible, and a joy to listen to and to play!

‘Astronotes’ is a solo album with piano accompaniment while popular choices include Moonwalk, Asteroid Belt, Cosmic Ray and Clusters and Nebulae.

Listen to Astronotes on YouTube
  1. Spacewalk (Easy)
  2. Moonwalk (Initial Grade Examination)
  3. Rendezvous in Orbit (Grade 1 Examination)
  4. Cosmic Ray (Grade 2 Examination)
  5. Martian Invasion! (Grade 3 Examination)
  6. Asteroid Belt (Grade 4 Examination)
  7. Into the Outer (Grade 5 Examination)
  8. Clusters and Nebulae (Grade 6 Examination)
  9. Slingshot (Challenging)
  10. Mean Time (Difficult)

The complete Constellations series is a four-volume set of more than 40 pieces.  Set I comprise 11 pieces for Violin and Piano and is in the series, Trinity Performance Edition with five of the works set as grade pieces in the Trinity College London Violin Syllabus. Following this is the 10-piece Brass Set II album and then the Set III album for Descant Recorder and Piano, which consists of ten pieces. The final Set IV is for Flute and Piano with nine pieces in total while all pieces move by step from grade to grade.

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