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Tcherepniniana – Bass Trombone and Piano

A rarity and a most welcome addition to solo instrumental repertoire, Tcherepniniana is a unique composition for Bass Trombone and Piano.  This is an original composition that pays stylistic homage to Russian-American composer, Alexander Tcherepnin. Not an arrangement or adaptation of a work for other instruments, the piece, original in its conception, does not appear in any other form and remains unique to the Bass Trombone. The piece has a performance duration of approximately 5 minutes.


Follow the score and listen to an audio demo of the work on YouTube


This is a special composition for Bass Trombonist, Peter Dillon, giving the first performance in 2002 with the composer accompanying. The work has a duration of approximately 5 minutes and is of intermediate to advanced standard for the soloist.


Ideal as solo recital repertoire, it showcases the instrument’s rich timbre, wide tonal and dynamic range. It includes intricate ensemble interplay with the piano. Paying homage to the Russian-American composer, Alexander Tcherepnin (1899 – 1977), the musical style is neo-romantic maintaining diatonic tonal centres while progressing through changing moods. At times the piece is dark and dramatic, elsewhere tonally lush and unashamedly romantic throughout; a style expressed in sweeping phrases.


Tcherepniniana for Bass Trombone and Piano is available to purchase from United Music Publishing Ltd. Other related works from the catalogue of the composer may also be found at UMP Ltd. and at Forton Music Publishing.

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