Citadel of Light

Violin and Piano

Violin and Piano

Citadel of Light received its world premiere at the West Wicklow Festival of chamber music in 2021. It is performed by Phoebe White (Violin) and Peter Regan (Piano). The publication is available from UMP Ltd.  A live performance is available for viewing on YouTube. This is an HD video recording made in London. (See below for more details).

Violin Recital Performance Diploma Repertoire

The work may be part of an own choice repertoire for examination in Trinity College London Violin recital performance diplomas. Submit your entire programme, including Citadel of Light and any syllabus items, to TCL for programme approval.

Watch on YouTube

Phoebe White and Peter Regan (Violin and Piano) perform the work from London. Click on the title below to view on YouTube.

Citadel of Light performance

The Music

The inspiration for the composition of the piece is from a place of outstanding natural beauty. The title is an English translation of the original Celtic, Dinas Oleu. In the year 1895, this ancient coastal site in Wales became the first land to be acquired by the National Trust of the United Kingdom.

The music employs extended techniques for both instruments including the violin’s ethereal whistling tones on artificial harmonics. Other techniques include a metallic timbre when bowing on the bridge and impassioned double-stopped chords. With pedal effects, the piano at times plays directly on the interior strings with harp-like glissandi, thereby evoking a mystical mood.

West Wicklow Festival

The world premiere performance of the work at the West Wicklow Chamber Music Festival, Ireland, on Saturday 29th May 2021 continues to enthrall on social media. In the video, the festival founder, Fiachra Garvey, interviews the performers before giving their recital performance.

So many opportunities for creating atmosphere.” – Phoebe White and Peter Regan


Citadel of Light for Violin and Piano is published by United Music Publishing Ltd.

Related Works

The UMP Ltd. Wilkinson catalogue includes other related works including Legende de l’Oiseau Bleu for Violin and Piano based on the French children’s fable.

Visit the Compositions Page on this website to learn more about the composer’s work and find links to publishers on the Publications Page.


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