Five Amori Paintings

Five Amori Paintings (2023) is a Piano Solo that is now listed as approved repertoire for LTCL recital performance diploma by Trinity College London, the leading internationally accredited music examinations’ board.

Five Amori Paintings solo piano
Five Amori Paintings for Piano Solo

Published by United Music Publishing Limited, the work has five, short movements, each based on a painting by the award-winning artist, Amori.

Visit UMP Ltd. to view and purchase this exciting Piano Solo.

The original paintings and prints of these inspiring artworks can be viewed and purchased at Saatchi Art.

The paintings depicted in the piano solo are:

1. The Broken Necklace.

2. Sisters.

3. Twisted.

4. Jagged.

5. Fire Mesh.

Click on any title to view YouTube demo with score or click here for the entire Playlist.

Visit Saatchi Art to see and purchase the original paintings by Amori.

And then . . .

Visit the artist at her home website.

Garry Wilkinson is a foremost composer of educational and international examination music with dozens of published pieces listed in the syllabuses of worldwide music examination boards. The works range from Initial Grade through to professional recital diploma qualifications and across the range of instruments from piano, strings, brass and woodwind.

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But that’s not all! Do you know, Garry Wilkinson is also a composer of music-theatre, chamber works, concerto, choral works and orchestral music? The gargantuan Second Symphony, premiered at St. John’s, Smith Square in London, and there are several narrated orchestral works. The “challenging and very enjoyable“* Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in piano reduction version is also set for examination as LTCL recital repertoire. Why not explore these works now?

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Five Amori Paintings (Piano)

Citadel of Light (Violin and Piano) is an award-winning composition and is an approved work for own choice repertoire.

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*TCL diploma repertoire selection panel

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