Sonata for Cor Anglais and Piano

LTCL Recital Diploma Examination Repertoire

Cor Anglais music - English Horn music
                                       Sonata for Cor Anglais and Piano
Sonata for Cor Anglais and Piano

From the publisher’s UMP Ltd.

After 35 years lying dormant, this exciting work for Elizabeth Jacoby is now finding popularity among Oboists looking for new music for Cor Anglais.  This is a recently rescued work from its faded pencil manuscript and is now available from United Music Publishing Ltd.

Trinity College London Recital Repertoire

At the close of 2023, the work arrives on the listings for TCL recital diploma in Oboe.

Are you an Oboist with a Cor Anglais looking for something special to perform in your recitals?

Are you thinking about preparing for the LTCL, Licentiate recital performance diploma in Oboe?

This exciting work is now in the repertoire of Trinity College London for the LTCL examination, live or digital.  Yes, the Cor Anglais (or English Horn) is more than welcome in recitals, while it is also in the listings for the professional performance qualification, LTCL recital examination.

Make sure you have your copy of this new and important work by ordering from United Music Publishing Ltd.

Read the full article about the Wilkinson Cor Anglais Sonata on the website of the British Double Reed Society.


The Sonata is in three movements. A lively first movement is marked ‘Veloce’.  The music juxtaposes rapid scale figures with an angular theme built on the interval of a fifth. The Piano features chord clusters and widely separated tones of imitative melodic writing. The central movement, ‘Adagio con rubato’ has a dark, pastoral mood.  This opens with a solo cadenza for the Cor Anglais. The overriding spirit of the piece returns in the ‘Vivo’ finale. This is a characterful rondo with lively rhythms. There is much thematic interplay between the instruments that bookend a lyrical vocalise. The duration of the complete work is around ten minutes.

Listen on YouTube

First movement (veloce)

Second movement (adagio con rubato)

Third movement (vivo – finale)

Complete YouTube playlist

Eight Pieces of Eight for Oboe is in the current Trinity College Woodwind syllabus.

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