Piano Portraits

Piano music receives a welcome contribution with a new addition to the Original Solo Repertoire™ series. Piano Portraits comprises 24 Solo Piano pieces in diverse styles for intermediate to more advanced pianists. This substantial album (103 pages) of piano music is set in a variety of styles. Four pieces from this album were set as test pieces in the 2017 Grieg International Piano Competition for Young Performers. The performances came direct from Oslo, Norway, broadcast live over the Internet. Two other pieces in the album are set as grade test pieces in the piano syllabuses of Trinity College London.

In latest news, Piano Portrait No: 14, ‘Jazzin Grace’ appears separately in various print and eBooks from Trinity/Faber. The piece will again be a popular choice for those taking grade examinations on the piano with Trinity College London, all across the world.

Other popular pieces in this album include the Folk Song Fantasy. This piece takes inspiration from the composer’s homeland on the wild Atlantic coast while Nattasang is a lyrical piece. The title means cradle song or lullaby. Oiseaux d’Eau showcases the performers techniques and musicianship in an impressionistic style whereas The Elephant and The Mouse plays to full comedy with catchy tunes and special pianistic effects.

ATCL Piano Recital Repertoire

Oiseaux d’Eau is popular repertoire for the ATCL Piano Recital qualification from Trinity College London. View a live YouTube performance here: Quang Nguyen plays Oiseaux d’Eau ATCL Piano.

There are free descriptive and performance notes available with demonstration audio obtainable via the contact page on this website. See the publications page for purchasing options.

Piano Portraits, along with many other albums and pieces, is available to view in You Tube videos, so please see the You Tube Post for more details!

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