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Until there is a change of policy at ‘Twitter’, tweeting is no longer viable. Twitter is assuredly, ‘X’.  Please get in touch with me via the contact page on this website or through Linked-In.

New music videos to accompany many of the published works are now rolling out on YouTube. See the YouTube Channel link at the foot of the page.

Performances on YouTube

Citadel of Light‘ – the prize-winning composition at the 2021 West Wicklow Festival of chamber music is now on YouTube. Performed by Phoebe White (Violin) and Peter Regan (Piano) comes with an introduction by festival director, Fiachra Garvey in conversation with the Rising Star duo. The performance may be viewed here: Citadel of Light

Taurus the Bull from Constellations Set II for Brass and Piano now has an official demonstration performance as part of the Trinity College London grade 7 syllabus repertoire on YouTube. Click HERE! for the demonstration performance. A live concert performance of the piece can also be viewed HERE!

The Septet, ‘Cloudplay‘, originally composed for and performed by the Kokoro Ensemble, is now visually realised on YouTube HERE!

The ‘Organ Solo Fantastique – Messiaeniana‘ is visualised on YouTube with images of the organ for which it was composed and some famous stained-glass windows including the Chagall windows of Reims Cathedral – HERE!

Now live on YouTube, Mister Maguffin’s . . .  But There is Always Ice Cream! This Piano album for very young pianists is rolling out over the next few weeks. The first piece of scrolling music is HERE!

The popular, Jazzin’ Grace listed for grade 6 piano is here offered with suggested fingering by concert pianist, J. P. Ekins. Also, look out for a performance during the S4C Televised 2023 Eisteddfod.

Piano Portraits – 24 Vignettes in Diverse Styles for Intermediate to advanced pianists, begins its YouTube presentation HERE!


These YouTube music videos will help the younger instrumentalist with an easy-to-follow cursor in scrolling music to guide the listener through the audio demonstration. The scrolling music videos also accompany the printed books—the publications page lists these music albums and how to buy them.  Further resources for these books are available by contacting us here.


Each week brings a new music video of a piece taken from a selected album. Starting August 1, Piano Portraits premieres in this new format with an audio demonstration and scrolling video. The first of the twenty-four pieces is ‘Ouverture Ancien’, a Baroque styled, French overture. Later in the series will be video examples from the albums ‘Exotic Birds‘ for Violin and Viola, the Mister Maguffin™ Piano Books and ‘Eight Pieces of Eight‘ for Oboe or Saxophone. These substantial albums cover wide ability ranges and many styles, so there is music to suit everyone. Exotic Birds and Piano Portraits each consist of 24 pieces.  The Mister Maguffin™ series has 15 pieces and there are no prizes for guessing the number of pieces in the album, Eight Pieces of Eight‘! That’s 95 pieces of music!

For music scholars and theorists, these YouTube Music Videos provide valuable practice in following written musical scores as the audio plays.

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