Amori – Artist

Amori Artist
Amori Artist
Amori – Artist, Author, Illustrator and Designer

We are delighted to associate our work with Artist, Author, Illustrator & Designer, Amori.

Amori has an illustrious career – literally! Her work may be found in clothing design, artwork, book illustrations and as a children’s book author.

Several musical compositions by Garry Wilkinson are not only complemented by Amori’s illustrations, but are founded upon them. The Mister Maguffin™ books, part of the Original Solo Repertoire series, are fully designed and illustrated by Amori’s colourful pictures. Indeed, all the characters that appear in these imaginative books are the creations of Amori. For the younger child, Amori’s pictures are highly attractive, appearing in Mister Mauffin’s, “But There is Always Ice Cream”. There are six full-colour pictures of Mister Maguffin’s and his friend, Basil’s ice cream adventures and mishaps, especially when riding a bicycle built for two! For slightly more expreienced pianists, “The Piano Escapades of Mister Maguffin” has nine, full-page illustrations of our friendly bear’s misadventures.

As well as designing and illustrating these music books, Amori has plenty of other books available from Online sellers. Most recently, “Cairo and The Painless Plovers” is her highly original book for children with full illustrations and a delightful story that Amori has personally authored.

You can find out much more about the artist and her work by visiting her dedicated website. Look for her mongram link at the bottom of each page of this website.

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Amori Artist