Celtic Harp

Irish Airs for Celtic Harp in two versions from UMP Ltd.

WILKINSON, Garry : Irish Airs (in C)


Irish Airs is a suite of Irish folk songs in special, easy-to-play arrangements for solo Celtic harp. This is the non-pedal harp. The arrangements employ only simple lever changes while some pieces are completely diatonic and require no lever changes at all. The nine pieces are all charming arrangements of traditional Irish folk music.

Versions for Celtic Harps tuned in C and E Flat

The album is available in two versions, one for harps tuned in E flat, and one for harps tuned in C. Click on the link above to purchase the version for harp in C.

Be certain to order the correct version for the tuning of your non-pedal harp. Click on the link below to purchase the E Flat version.

WILKINSON, Garry : Irish Airs (in E flat) – United Music Publishing (ump.co.uk)

Album Contents

Click on the title of each Irish Folk Song to hear an audio demo complete with video score.

  1. Irish Lullaby
  2. Kitty Nowlan
  3. The Skylark
  4. The Last Rose of Summer
  5. The Enchanted Valley
  6. Galway Bay
  7. Down by the Salley Gardens
  8. Molly Malone
  9. She Moved Through the Fair
Complete YouTube Playlist for Irish Airs for Celtic Harp
Irish Folk Songs arranged for other instruments.

The enchanted Isle is a set of 12 Irish Folk Songs in separate albums arranged for bowed strings, that is, Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass. All pieces in each album are easy to play and all have piano accompaniments.

See the UMP Ltd. catalogue for the albums, The Enchanted Isle.

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Other Arrangements

There are arrangements of the Wassail Christmas Carol for Brass Quintet and the ancient sword dance, Mattachins for large Brass Ensemble in Forton Music Publications.


Visit the publications page for a complete listing with links to publishers.

Read about the composer.


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