Symphony No. 2

The 25th anniversary edition is now published by UMP Ltd.

Wilkinson Symphony No. 2

“Lucidity of thematic material is a unifying force across four movements . . . Imaginative orchestral perception.” – Roger Pope MBE FISM

Wilkinson Second Symphony
                     Wilkinson – Symphony No.2

Symphony No. 2 (1998) is scored for large orchestra. The work has four movements and a duration of over 40 minutes.

I.  Allegro non troppo ma molto agitato    

 A darkly intoned, agitated movement establishes a noir soundscape. A solo Clarinet introduces a twelve-tone theme while melodic fragments of the theme pervade not only this movement, but also the entire symphony.

Movement 1 sample audio

II.  Vivace energico e scherzando 

 The orchestral tone colours expand and rhythmic ostinati build to an exhilarating prestissimo climax.

Movement 2 sample audio

III.  Adagio – quasi improvisando                                    

 A night piece with jazz-infused melodies on solo winds and muted strings punctuated by heartbeat drumming, a whispered tonal melody is heard as if in premonition before an off-stage trumpet hints at a dark, foreboding conclusion.

Movement 3 sample audio

IV. Allegro agitato – grandioso ma con moto                                   

Erupting in a violent orchestral tutti, fragments of earlier themes are tossed around the orchestra until a central climax halts the momentous music. Then, an eerie, other-worldly calm descends upon the music. All the while, there is a sustained pianissimo of shifting tonal centres on strings and harp. A declamatory interlude for brass and percussion breaks the spell. Ultimately, the symphony’s main motifs re-emerge tempered by the more settled tonalities recalling the Adagio in a triumphant, grandiose statement of redemption.

Movement 4 sample audio

World Premiere

Symphony No. 2 received its world premiere at St. John’s, Smith Square in London in 1998 with the joint Sherborne Orchestras and supporting members of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra including soloist David Bednall (Organ) with the composer conducting. Furthermore, the work is highly suitable for advanced youth orchestra performance.

Symphony No. 2 now joins other orchestral, chamber and solo works in the Wilkinson UMP Ltd. catalogue

Orchestra parts are also available for hire from the publisher.

Full orchestra score available in A4 study and A3 conductor formats.

Read about the composer.

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