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I am delighted to receive the honour of music promotion by the Eduprogress Thailand team.

Eduprogress Thailand Music Promotion
Garry Wilkinson – Eduprogress Music Publication Promotion in Bangkok, Thailand

A list of all music publications with links to various publishers may be viewed here.

It is wonderful to learn that so many young piano students in Thailand are enjoying the Mister Maguffin Piano Series, The Piano Escapades of Mister Maguffin, and for the youngest piano students, Mister Maguffin’s, There is Always Ice Cream!

These two piano albums benefit from beautiful illustrations by Amori.

Each album also includes piano duets to play with friends, family and teachers. There are sing-along lyrics with each piano piece telling a story from the adventurous life of this large and friendly bear, Mister Maguffin. Meet Mister Maguffin’s friends, including Basil, a detective, who is also a wiser and even larger bear. Somehow, Basil and Maguffin both manage to ride a tandem bicycle, although rather wobbly. You can also join Mister Maguffin rowing a boat and riding in a balloon. How he arrives on the Moon is a mystery. In his desert adventure, a little off course for a Polar bear, Mister Maguffin meets Mabel, a camel. Further travels find Mister Maguffin building a very special snowman with the help of children. As there is no snow, Mister Maguffin’s magical powers are well used!

My grateful thanks to Nithicha Sivayathorn and all the team at Eduprogress Bangkok.

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