Irish Airs for Celtic Harp

non-pedal harp music
                                                             Irish Airs for Celtic Harp published by UMP Ltd.

 Published separately for non-pedal Harps tuned in C or E flat.

Newly published Harp music from UMP Ltd. There are Nine Traditional Irish Folksongs arranged for Celtic (lever) Harp.  These volumes are welcome contributions to harp music repertoire and especially so for harps without pedals. Simple lever adjustments are used in some of the pieces while several are entirely diatonic, or stay in key, and do not require any adjustments to initial tunings of C or E flat.

Be certain to order the arrangement for the tuning of your non-pedal Harp.

The technical requirements range from easy to intermediate standards.  The nine arrangements of Irish Airs are:

  1. An Irish Lullaby; 2. Kitty Nowlan; 3. The Skylark; 4. The Last Rose of Summer; 5. Enchanted Valley; 6. Galway Bay; 7. Down by the Salley Gardens; 8. Molly Malone; 9. She Moved Through the Fair.

If you play a bowed-string instrument, Violin, Viola, Cello or Double Bass, these Irish Airs, including several others, are also published in individual volumes and all these different arrangements include piano accompaniments. These are ideal, easy-to-play solo pieces for school concerts or simply playing for enjoyment.

Visit the publications page for more information and links to the publisher of the Harp music volumes in both tunings of C and E flat. This page also includes links to the arrangements for Violin and Piano, Viola and Piano, Cello and Piano, and Double Bass and Piano.

Read about the composer.

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