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Flute Quartet
Four Flourishes for Four Flutes
“A welcome addition to the flute quartet repertoire!”

Wilkinson’s Flute Quartet, ‘Four Flourishes for Four Flutes’, is a quartet for three flutes and alto flute. There are four short, interconnected pieces, which have a total performance duration of a little under eight minutes. Each individual piece also stands alone with any one ideal for short recital performance. The highly enjoyable and accessible pieces contrast moods and styles.


The opening piece is a rhythmic and dynamic Moto Perpetuo with the melody passing freely between all flutes. The second piece is a Wicked Waltz where the outer sections are in a minor mode and with a humorous, music-box-styled middle section. The Intermezzo is lyrical with a cantabile, double-octave melody in flute and alto flute. There are gently lilting accompaniments on middle instruments. The finale is a lively Tarantella where the melody quickly shifts between all four flutes. Of intermediate standard, the pieces, either performed together or separately, make for ideal concert repertoire in schools and colleges or simply playing for fun with four, flute-family friends!


The quartet is intermediate in level of difficulty for all flutes.


Listen now to the audio demo of Four Flourishes for Four Flutes on YouTube with a follow-along score!

Flute Quartet

Staff Pick from Just Flutes

“Ideal for school concerts”

Chris Hankin Just Flutes staff member – chrish@justflutes.com

Each of the four short pieces is completely different in nature but they are linked by a similar underlying harmonic language. This is really useful as it allows each one to stand alone if necessary. The parts avoid the higher reaches of the flute leaving the alto to add the extra colour, best shown in the lovely Intermezzo. The Wicked Waltz and the Tarantella are much more of an exciting technical and rhythmic challenge, and the opening Moto perpetuo is underpinned by passing continuous quavers around all four flutes. These are great pieces for a more advanced quartet and ideal for school concerts.

Flute and Piano Album

Ranging from easy to intermediate standards, Wilkinson’s album for Flute and Piano is also available from Forton Music Publishers.

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Flute Concerto

For the advanced flautist, the complete Wilkinson Concerto for Flute and Orchestra is listed for examination at Licentiateship level in recital performance; LTCL.

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