Music for Descant Recorder

Introducing an enchanting album of new music for Descant Recorder with Piano Accompaniments.

Music for Descant Recorder and Piano
Descant Recorder and Piano Album


Constellations Set III comprises all-new and original pieces for Descant Recorder with piano accompaniments. Go to the Forton Music Website to hear audio samples of each of the 10 pieces. Alternatively, visit the composer’s dedicated YouTube Channel to listen to complete play-list performances and see the scores. There are also audio tracks of piano accompaniments alone so that you can play-along. See below for individual audio track selection.

This album continues the starry-night theme of the four albums in the Constellations series, each specially composed in progressive standards from easy to intermediate grade levels for different instruments. Set III has ten pieces of all new music for Descant Recorder and Piano has ten pieces. Click on any title to hear the individual piece.

  1. Andromeda – The Princess
  2. Tucana – The Toucan
  3. Canis Minor – The Little Dog
  4. Eridanus – The River
  5. Serpens – The Snake
  6. Horologium – The Pendulum Clock
  7. Lacerta – The Lizard
  8. Pegasus – The Winged Horse
  9. Ara – The Altar
  10. Vulpecula – The Fox
Music for Descant Recorder and Piano
Also available from Just Flutes of London
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The eleven pieces for Trumpet (Cornet and Flugelhorn) with piano accompaniments, are split between publishers TCL Press Ltd. and Forton Music with grade examination music included.

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Performances and Videos

Are you performing or recording music from the Constellations Series? Let the composer know to link your performance to this website.


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