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Are you bored with searching for sheet music Online?

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Do you prefer to browse music scores in person at a store?

Do you support your local music store?

Make purchasing your sheet music a memorable occasion!

Visit Sheet Music Stockists Near You!

USA, UK, Ireland and European mainland residents may easily browse and purchase the Wilkinson publications in person by visiting an increasing number of local, regional and national stockists. And so, here are just a few:

Boosey & Hawkes Sheet Music Stockists

Boosey & Hawkes carry the album of 11 pieces, Constellations Set I for Violin and Piano and, moreover, they offer bulk purchase discounts.

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Foyles bookshop Sheet Music StockistsFoyles bookshop also hold the first Constellations’ album, plus the album of 24 pieces for solo piano, Piano Portraits, while this album also includes several grade and diploma examination pieces.

Read the post about the album, Piano Portraits.

Waterstones bookstore Sheet Music Stockists

Furthermore, these same publications are also in stock with Waterstones booksellers.

June Emerson Wind Music Sheet Music Stockists

June Emerson Wind Music hold in stock many of the Wilkinson pieces and albums for Woodwind and Brass.  What’s more, these include piano accompanied pieces for flute, recorder, clarinet, and trumpet and trombone, and several ensemble pieces.

Read more about the wind and brass pieces by Garry Wilkinson.

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble, a bookseller particularly popular in the USA, stock all albums for in-store browsing that are otherwise available Online from Amazon.

Blackwell's Music Store

Blackwell’s Bookshops are renowned sheet music stockists. They carry a wide range of Wilkinson’s publications including the Mister Maguffin series for younger pianists with illustrations by Amori.

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Constellations Set IV for Flute and Piano

A Testimonial

Just Flutes (London) stock the album, Constellations Set IV, and write,

This is a really surprising book which contains nine really lovely pieces aimed at intermediate level flutes. Each movement can stand alone which makes it really useful and the technical demands differ too. Aries is a rag; Hercules has a touch of Star Wars in the rhythm and Cygnus has a passing nod to the sweeping melody of The Swan. Never judge a book by its cover!

Presto Music Sheet Music Stockists

Presto Music takes the 2023 prize for stocking the widest range of publications by composer Garry Wilkinson.

Eason Sheet Music Stockist

In the Republic of Ireland, Eason Books stock The Recital Anthology for Piano, which includes Oiseaux d’Eau, the Wilkinson ATCL Recital examination piece as well as repertoire from 300 years of piano music.

If you are a sheet music stockist of the works by Garry Wilkinson and you are not listed above, please contact the composer.

Looking elsewhere? The New York Public Library is building a catalogue of the works by the composer. Why not pay them a visit when you are next visiting the Big Apple?


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